Fostering a Gentler, Healthier and more Compassionate World for all Living Beings

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Danny George - Wellness Coach

Welcome to Danny George's Wellness website. I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified Herbalist and Shiatsu Massage Therapist Level I.

Wellness Quotes

"Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food"


"Health is the Greatest Gift, Contentment is the Greatest Wealth, Faithfulness the best Relationship".


"Reality is simply the loss of ego".

"The ego is the root of all diseases. Give it up".

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Humans function best when they are totally well, living a more balanced, peaceful, harmonious  existence with all living beings and the environment.

Spiritual Wellness - by practicing Mindfulness and Loving-kindness meditation, we develop mental clarity, emotional stability and by loving unconditionally can help heal wounded or broken hearts.

Immune System

According to Dr. Mercola, about 80% of your immune system resides in your gut. One of the most important steps you can take to improve your health is to maintain optimal gut flora and 'reseeding' your gut with fermented foods and probiotics if taking antibiotics. If you aren't eating naturally fermented foods, such as: organic un-pasteurized sauerkraut, pickles, coconut yogurt, miso, tempeh, kimchi, etc., you most likely need to supplement with a probiotic on a regular basis, such as: spirulina, chlorella, miso soup and/or a probiotic supplement, especially if you're eating a lot of processed foods. Poor diet in general, and each course of antibiotics extols a heavy price, as it tends to wipe out the beneficial bacteria in your gut, giving pathogens free rein to proliferate unchecked.

Historically people used to get large quantities of beneficial bacteria, i.e. probiotics straight from their diet in the form of fermented or cultured foods which were invented long before the advent of refrigeration and other forms of food preservation. As a result, they didn't suffer the same kinds of problems with their gut health as so many do today.

It's worth noting that each mouthful of fermented food can provide trillions of beneficial bacteria - far more than you can get from a probiotics supplement, which will typically provide you with colony-forming units in the billions.

Your gut literally serves as your second brain and even produces more serotonin than your brain. This neurotransmitter is known to have a beneficial influence on your mood.

Your gut is also home to countless bacteria, good and bad. These bacteria outnumber the cells in your body at least ten to one, and maintaining the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria forms the foundation for good health - physical, mental and emotional.

The challenge is to implement strategies to optimize the bacterial population, and to develop a beneficial, symbiotic relationship where they nourish you and help you fight disease for optimum health. This is where the GAPS Nutritional Program comes in.

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