Fostering a Gentler, Healthier and more Compassionate World for all Living Beings

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  • According to Dr. Jay Constant PhD. The human body has essentially four major elimination systems. The bowels, lungs, urinary tract and skin. Each system is specifically designed to eliminate excess and waste. If we don't eliminate the waste, then it becomes a poison. The colon eliminates solids, the urinary tract eliminates liquids, the lungs eliminate gases, and skin, also known as the "blow out valve", will eliminate all three.  The skin is like a sponge. Keep this in mind any time you use perfumes, make-up, bug sprays, sun blocks, and topical ointments. Whatever we put on the skin will go through the skin and be absorbed into the blood to be filtered by the liver.
  • Maintain an efficient circulatory system.
  • Ensure your nutrients are properly assimilated.
  • To help reduce or eliminate negative emotions practice The Tapping Solution (Emotional Freedom Technique) and PSTEC which are both very beneficial.
  • Listen to your body and get the amount of sleep your body needs. The amount of sleep the average human needs depends on many factors including age. The average teenager needs approximately 8.5 to 9.5 hours sleep. While infants need on average 16 hours and adults need 6 to 8.5 hours sleep daily. In humans, Melatonin plays an important role in the regulation of sleep cycles (i.e., circadian rhythm). Melatonin is the natural hormone created by the pineal gland and by various tissues in the body. When it is dark, the body produces more melatonin; when it is light the production of melatonin drops.
  • Dentistry - Avoid getting a Root Canal. According to Dr. Mercola, Dr. Weston Price, Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S. and Dr. Jay Constant PhD. Root Canals Pose Serious Health Threat.
  • Minimizing exposure to Electromagnetic Pollution (EMFs) from: Cell (and other mobile) phones; WiFi; Computers and related equipment; Electrical appliances (including tv's); Electronic equipment; Cell phone masts; Radio and tv transmitters; Microwave ovens; High and low voltage powerlines; etc.

Mental Wellness - To develop mental clarity we need to cultivate a pure mind. When we reach a one-pointed concentration through proper meditation it can help us to tackle the task(s) at hand, in the present moment, free of distracting thoughts.

We can handle stressful situations with integrity, wisdom, compassion and understanding and can act in a more gentle, sensitive way.

Occupational Wellness - Right Livelihood is an important aspect of total wellness. Buddha encouraged people to make a living in a way that does not cause harm and unnecessary suffering to any living being and ideally that is ethically positive.

Therefore, this has encouraged many people that are free, to explore working together in - partnerships, teams and businesses. These have pioneered new ways of working based on generosity, co-operation, honesty and ethical trading.

Environmental Wellness - It's important to live in harmony with our surroundings and all species with a lifestyle that preserves the purity of our air, water and living conditions.

Social Wellness - is the ability to maintain, healthy supportive relationships with all humans, including family, friends, co-workers, as well as living in peace and harmony with all living beings and planet earth.

Financial Wellness - is the ability to live within our means. To be able to manage their finances and to stay out of debt is the goal of many people.

As a Wellness Coach I would strive to find the underlying cause(s) of dis-ease and to help develop a wellness plan with you, by making recommendations:

  • Healthy dietary changes;
  • Getting sufficient physical activity;
  • Avoiding extremes;
  • Stress reduction and coping techniques;
  • Getting enough sunlight (non-burning exposure);
  • Reducing/eliminating negative emotions;
  • Getting a good night's sleep;
  • Experiencing appreciation for life by leading a fuller more meaningful life in the present moment.

I understand how overwhelming and/or confusing it can be with all the information you can obtain through the internet, books, magazine articles, your parents, doctors, friends, experts, etc. in relation to health, exercise, diet, remedies. I can work with you to prepare a simple, truthful and informative wellness plan to help improve your overall well-being through a healthier lifestyle.
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