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Requirements For Vitamin D

It has been found that bone loss in post menopause women occurs mostly in the winter due to falling levels of vitamin D products in the blood. A winter intake from fortified foods or supplements is strongly recommended to promote bone health. Winter intakes of about 15 ug (micrograms) per day appear to be appropriate to prevent bone loss.

There is growing evidence that low vitamin D levels contribute to cancer and auto immune disease. If we lived as we evolved - in the open nearer the equator - we would synthesise vitamin D from sunlight equivalent to 100 ug (micrograms) or more per day and dietary intake would be irrelevant.


Adult vegans obtain adequate vitamin D if they regularly spend time outdoors in spring, summer and autumn. A dietary intake of the vitamin in the winter can be ensured by eating fortified foods or taking supplements. In northern latitudes vegan women who are breast feeding should ensure their intake during winter by using fortified foods or taking supplements. Parents are advised to include vitamin D fortified foods or supplements if they wean their infants during the winter months, especially if they are dark skinned.

For further information see Vegans and the Sunshine Vitamin(pdf), an article on vitamin D by Stephen Walsh, Nutrition and Health Spokesperson

Permission is generously granted by the Vegan Society for the information provided above, on Vitamin D in the Vegan Diet. Click on the link below for a informative and inspiring website by the Vegan Society. The Vegan Society is an educational charity that promotes and supports the vegan lifestyle.



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