Fostering a Gentler, Healthier and more Compassionate World for all Living Beings

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Vegetarian Diet

There are many benefits for oneself and planet earth when consuming a balanced, nutritious vegetarian diet, and eventually eliminating all animal products, as well as drinking enough pure uncontaminated water and/or freshly juiced vegetables, fruits and greens.

When I was 10 years old, our family moved to Moorvale Street, in Ottawa, Ontario. At the end of the street was Crabtree Meat Market and Slaughterhouse. I found it very disheartening and disgusting growing up 5 houses down from a slaughterhouse. I witnessed how much abuse the cow's went through, when they were being delivered in a large truck and forced to walk into the slaughterhouse, where they would be killed. I also saw a couple of times, how they killed some of the cow's, by looking through the open cement windows. At 12 years old, I was interested in starting to give up the bad, addictive habit, of eating the flesh of cows, for health and ethical reasons. I felt love and compassion for all the animals, so as a young person, I found it confusing, to feel such a strong connection, to the animals and yet I was eating them and contributing to their enormous suffering and death. Even though, I realized many years later, that everything I needed to sustain my body, was in a Vegan diet from the plant kingdom, as well as getting enough sunlight (non burning exposure) and fresh air.

I became fed up of having so much trouble chewing the tough fiberless flesh of animals. I was also experiencing several health problems such as: poor digestion, assimilation and elimination; allergies; anemia; rheumatism; skin problems; addictions to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.  

In 1974 I purchased a book called The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnu-devananda. By reading that book I was inspired to start practicing Yoga exercises and meditation nearly every day for up to 2 hours. I also read a section on Vegetarianism in the book and was so thrilled and vowed to give up eating meat as soon as possible.

I began by giving up to eat the flesh of cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys, and finally gave up fish, and became Vegetarian in 1980. I decided to also give up eggs and all dairy products, which took a couple of years longer, and I also eventually gave up consuming honey. I was also working at stopping to consume all the garbage or unhealthy ingredients, such as: white sugar; white flour; articificial preservatives, sweetners and colours; hydrogenated oils and fatty acids; shortening; cigarette smoking; pharmaceutical or illegal drugs; foods that were non-organic, processed, fried, roasted, cooked in oil or just plain cooked to death.

There were many people like my parents, sisters, friends, doctors, co-workers, etc. that tried to convince me to "Stop being a Health Nut", or to "Stop being in a Religious Cult", or to "Stop Meditating and doing yoga.", etc.

I have often heard people say that "Why don't you eat meat?" or "Why don't you eat eggs?" or "Why don't you consume dairy or fish?", "Since it is healthy and good for you!", or "Why don't you smoke cigarettes, do drugs, etc. because you only have one life to live, and your missing out on all the good things in life?". Yes this body is going to die eventually, but I prefer to live the best quality life as much as possible. I feel that ultimately it is best to live in peace and harmony with everyone and everything! Why suffer unnecessarily, be miserable and/or depressed, feel yucky or crappy, or experience a multitude of diseases, if these unhealthy, unbalanced, disharmonious states of being, can possibly be prevented or have remedial actions that can be taken. I am convinced that we are and always truly have been, eternally liberated pure spiritual beings and disease is unnatural and is a result of going against nature's health laws!

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