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Hawaiian Spirulina · Compare

World’s First 100% Pure Spirulina Tablet!

Pure Planet has perfected a unique method of producing the world’s purest spirulina tablets. We do not use binders or fillers or any tableting aids in our spirulina tablets. Most other manufacturers use binders, fillers, or some type of tablet press lubricants or flow agents. As another alternative, other manufacturers use the granulation method which destroys spirulina's nutritional potency by increased exposure of the spirulina to light, moisture, heat and oxygen. You can rest assured that when you use Pure Planet spirulina you get the cleanest tablets in the world! 

Not All Proteins are Created Equal...

The proteins in spirulina are absolutely unique. * Unlike other plant proteins which are notably low in biological value (incomplete proteins) because of incomplete essential amino acids, spirulina has a high-biological value protein with a superior complete amino acid profile containing - in the correct proportions - all 8 essential amino acids plus an additional 10 nonessential amino acids. 

Superior Assimilation and Easy Digestion

Spirulina contains virtually no indigestible substances. Unlike other plant foods whose nutrients are largely unavailable (unless cooked or sprouted) because they are encased like microscopic nuts within walls of tough indigestible cellulose, spirulina's cell walls are bubble-thin complex natural sugars which practically dissolve upon contact with moisture and digestive enzymes. Within moments, its concentrated nutrients, enzymes, and living essences are absorbed into the bloodstream without the momentous loss of energy incurred in the digestion of ordinary foods. 

* Unlike other high-protein foods, which are characteristically difficult to digest, spirulina is extraordinarily easy to digest: it has an unmatched digestibility coefficient of 95%! Its amino acids are delivered in an essentially “free form” state for almost instantaneous assimilation.

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