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The reasons for the specific frequency, duration and the timing of particular click/tone combinations is just far too complex to explain here. The relationship between the sounds and the language is extremely precise. I use an algorithm to determine the optimum spacing, frequencies, and dispersion relative to spoken content.

To most people this probably sounds complicated which is why I haven't gone into more detail. Despite this the explanation given here is far from complete and somewhat simplified. The timing aspects are the most complex of all, and there are other aspects to the process which are not covered here at all.

Some of the other factors which would also need to be explained to fully comprehend why PSTEC is so hugely powerful, include the concepts of "overload", "overflow", "diversionary language", "retrospective frames", "subconscious interpolation processes", "buffering of language", "linguistic parallels", "experiential conversions to belief", "repetitive confirmations", "linguisitic compression" and also the concept of "stacks" which is explained in the advanced audio.

There are a number of other PSTEC audios and techniques which utilise similar principles, but on the other PSTEC tracks they are combined in different ways and some additional techniques are used. This simplified explanation just covers the standard free process.

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