Fostering a Gentler, Healthier and more Compassionate World for all Living Beings

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Even in the spiritual practice of Zen meditation which is part of my journey, I would get attached to: the plump comfy meditation cushion and mat, the Zen teachers (whom I expected at times to provide all the answers to my questions), some of the beautiful Zen female practitioners, or the feats I tried to accomplish in Zen, such as: who could sit the straightest or longest; who was the most enlightened; who could walk the quietest or who had developed the greatest psychic abilities, etc.

On and off, I feel negative emotions, such as: fear of dying; not being good enough; not being easily contented; not appreciating life in the present moment, etc. which brings about being attached to this and that in the first place. There are moments when I realize the illusory nature of negative emotions.

In the present moment, I have often experienced how wonderful life really is, and that all is well.

Family of Horses Running Free in Nature

Still waters - Pure and Calm

Heaven on Earth

One Heart - Living in Harmony together as One

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